Alert!! Cheatgrass Season is on! May is great for flowers, but it is also when Cheatgrass sets seed, thereby becoming both recognizable and vulnerable. Cheatgrass, as you may know, is an incredibly successful annual weed, having taken over much of the Foothills (yes, a lot of that nice green fuzz up there) and many urban landscapes. Cheatgrass has two important allies: 1) Fire, and 2) Gardeners who ignore it. The key to controlling it is to understand its strategy—seeds! To win pull up all the Cheatgrass you see NOW—a gentle tug will do—and throw the seed head in the garbage. Mowing will not help—it only comes back shorter and makes more seed. Do not wait until the Cheat is all dried out and clings to your to socks or gets in your dog’s ears. Stay tuned next fall for more on Cheatgrass control.


May 4, 2017