Beautiful Desert

I have always adored the flowering pears in the middle of Harrison Blvd. That is, until I started thinking of them as Alien Ornamentals and understood what that implies. These showy spring beauties are cultivars of the Asian Callery Pear and–as members of an introduced species–they do not offer food for native insects. You may think, “Great! No pest problems!” The catch is that native insects feed native birds, especially while they are raising chicks. So as far as wildlife is concerned, these pears are a beautiful desert.

Entomologist Doug Tallamy has compared insect productivity on a flowering alien Pear vs. a White Oak in his Pennsylvania home and found hundreds more caterpillars on the Oak than the Pear. Who needs caterpillars? Baby chickadees! The takeaway is that if we want to support native insects and birds, we need to plant natives. To read more, check out

April 17

April 17, 2018