Weeds–the really bad ones

Above is a view of Rush Skeleton Weed growing out of cracks in the asphalt just up the street from my house. At least that is what it looked like before I cut the stalks and painted the basal leaves with a very toxic herbicide.  Departing from organic practices and employing chemicals has been a painful transition for me. Yet, in the case of Skeleton Weed, I can see no alternative. According to the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign, it has infested a million acres in the state. You see it everywhere in the lower Foothills.

There are others too. Whitetop has just arrived in my neighborhood and I worry about it spreading. Field Bindweed (Morning Glory) is tough–just keep picking the leaves until it gives up (not easy). Cheatgrass spreads like wildfire (and loves wildfire!)–just pull it all and throw in the trash.

Sigh. May is a wonderful month in many ways, but it is also the Month of Weeds. For more information and to request a booklet on Idaho’s Noxious Weeds, go to http://idahoweedawareness.com/index.html

May 21, 2019