Helping the Bugs

As many of you know, insects are in crisis. The latest numbers from the Xerces Society are very troubling. Destruction of habitat–the result of industrial farming and general human sprawl–is probably the main cause for the catastrophic decline of many insect species. But those of us who own or control even a small bit of ground can help out by creating better habitat, especially by growing flowering plants. The above photo of bumblebees on Nodding Onion in the demonstration garden shows the potential.
A new booklet, “100 Treasure Valley Pollinator Plants” is hot off the press, full of information to help folks make planting decisions that will benefit all kinds of bugs. The booklets will be available at the nursery next spring. It was the brainchild of Judy Snow, who also created the Pollinator Garden at the Garden City Library–always worth a visit!

January 14, 2020