Chokecherries in Bloom

Glorious May! There is so much plant excitement right now–among other things, it’s chokecherry bloom time. The Japanese are justly proud of their flowering cherries, but here in the western U.S., we have our chokecherries! If you hike in the foothills, you will recognize the dangling flower clusters easily. A dead giveaway for chokecherry i.d., they help you distinguish this plant from its very common cousin, bitter cherry.
Later on, when the fruits are in season, try one to discover exactly why they deserve the name chokecherry! There are numerous recipes online for chokecherry juice, syrup and jam. I haven’t tried them, but apparently (and surprisingly) the results are tasty. Unsurprisingly, chokecherries are one of those super fruits like blueberries–high in antioxidants and all kinds of other healthy compounds. So, when you get the chance, try one.

May 9, 2020