Weeding Party

Defying the the cold, slushy, Friday the 13th weather, this group of hardy volunteers met along the Boise River yesterday to continue the work of removing stands of invasive False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa) and planting saplings of native Cottonwood. False Indigo is a vigorous shrub that has moved in from its native range in the central U.S. to colonize the banks of the Boise River, crowding out willows, cottonwoods and other native species. The project was sponsored by BREN, Boise River Enhancement Network, a mostly volunteer organization dedicated to improving the ecological health of the Boise River. Removing invasive species such as False Indigo, Canada Thistle and Russian Olive is a big part of that effort.
Check out the BREN website https://www.boiseriverenhancement.org/ for information on river health, restoration efforts, birds of the Boise River and more!
November 14, 2020