What makes Draggin’ Wing Nursery so special?

We focus exclusively on native and drought- tolerant perennials, shrubs and grasses.

We test all of our plants in large demonstration gardens to see if they do well in the Boise area. We encourage folks to stroll around the demonstration gardens and see how our plants perform and what they look like when mature.

When we find plants that do well in our local conditions, we continue growing and selling them year after year so that our customers are assured of a continuous supply of well-adapted species. We only grow plants that we love!

We constantly experiment with new plants to expand the range of our offerings and find new species that do well with limited water in our area.

We are especially committed to working with species that are native to Southern Idaho and the Northern Rocky Mountain/Great Basin region. We also offer a variety of terrific xeric plants from other geographic regions, like the American Southwest, the Mediterranean and even South Africa.

We grow all our perennials, grasses and some shrubs from seeds, cuttings or division right here in the nurseryРinstead of importing them from large wholesale nurseries. We bring in limited quantities of bare root native shrubs each spring and them grow them up here in the nursery.

We grow many of our native plants from seed collected locally.

We use organic growing practices — no toxic pesticides or herbicides, no chemical fertilizers.

What does Draggin’ Wing mean?








Can you spot the killdeer in this photo of our demo garden? Killdeers have been nesting here year after year each spring and are the inspiration for the farm name, “Draggin’ Wing”!

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