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Agastache cana
  • Common name: Texas Hummingbird Mint
  • Zone: 4
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 24-26" x 24"
  • Native to: SW US

Texas Hummingbird Mint produces tall spikes of tubular purple flowers, highly attaractive to Hummingbirds. Also a good nectar plant for bees and butterflies. Blooms in the heat of mid to late summer.

Agastache neomexicana
  • Common name: New Mexico Hummingbird Mint
  • Zone: 5
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 18" x 18"
  • Native to: New Mexico

This compact Agastache, or ‘Hummingbird Mint’ bears dozens of upright stalks of purple tubular flowers which–of course!–attract hummingbirds. Because of its compact form, it can be used to create spectacular small ‘hedges’,  bringing color to the late summer garden.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
  • Common name: Plumbago
  • Zone: 4
  • Exposure: Sun or Shade
  • Height x Width: 3" and spreading
  • Native to: W. China

Valuable as a shade-tolerant groundcover, Plumbago will also grow in full sun. Glossy deep green leaves and lovely blue flowers with striking red calyces make this a most attractive spreading groundcover. The plant vanishes in winter, but comes back reliably each spring.

Chilopsis linearis
  • Common name: Desert Willow
  • Zone: 5
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 10-15 feet tall
  • Native to: Southwest US

Desert Willow is a small tree with willow-like leaves and gorgeous iris-like flowers in mid-late summer. Attracts Hummingbirds! Tolerates clay.  Not currently available. More information here.

Epilobium canum
  • Common name: Hummingbird Trumpet
  • Zone: 4
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 12 in. & sprawling
  • Native to: Idaho

The red tubular flowers are a magnet for Hummers in the late summer and early autumn, as these tiny birds prepare for their annual migration. Adaptable to many soil types and low water, Hummingbird Trumpet provides a spectacular splash of color in the late season garden.

Eriogonum strictum ‘Leslie Gulch’
  • Common name: Leslie Gulch Strict Buckwheat
  • Zone: 5
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 18" x 24"
  • Native to: Eastern Oregon

This beautiful form of Strict Buckwheat was found in Leslie Gulch, E. Oregon. It blooms in mid-summer with a big spray of tiny white flowers over and attractive mound of sage green basal leaves.

Gaura lindheimeri
  • Common name: Gaura
  • Zone: 5
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 4 ft. x 4 ft.
  • Native to: Texas

Gaura has long graceful spikes of pinkish or white blooms float on the breeze from mid-summer to fall. Long-blooming, dramatic, easy.

Saponaria x lempbergii
  • Common name: Giant Soapwort
  • Zone: 4
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Height x Width: 5" and sprawling
  • Native to: Mediterranean

Late blooming, vigorous groundcover with large light purple flowers. Large-scale groundcover